With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and SoJO having its Little Pink Dress Party 2, it makes sense for this week's version of "The Playlist" to go Pink for Pinktober.

We did a version like this back in May for the 1st LPD Party, and this list may seem a bit similar, but it is appropriate for Friday night and for this month.

Pink is a color you see all over – from roses, to make-up, certain cars, even houses, and of course ribbons (watch for 3 Breast Cancer survivors in The Playlist).  Pink is also used in terms like being “tickled pink”, or being “in the pink”, and sadly we all have had “the pink slip” handed to us once in our life.

The Playlist all shade of Pink and creates the unofficial Soundtrack for SoJO 104.9's Little Pink Dress Party 2 at the Hard Rock Cafe in A.C.  Congrats to all of our winners who will enjoy the entertainment and take part in the silent auction to benefit the Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation.

Enjoy the angles of Pink on this version of The Playlist:

Haley ReinhartFree (her video features Pink chairs, a Pink diner, Haley in a Pink top and headlined the 1st LPD Party)

Kylie MinogueCan’t Get You Out Of My Head (one of 3 Breast Cancer survivors here)

Aerosmith Pink (“It’s like red but not quite”)

Pink Perfect (does this make Pink “In The Pink”?)

Bruce Springsteen Pink Cadillac (classic car!)

Psychedelic FursPretty In Pink (classic John Hughes movie!)

OMDIf You Leave (song from that movie with John Cryer and Molly Ringwald)

Bon Jovi Bed of Roses (Pink roses of course)

Sheryl CrowEveryday Is A Winding Road (... especially when you battle cancer, and Crow is Survivor #2)

Modest MouseFloat On (“we both got fired…” = Pink Slip!)

Jennifer Lopez If You Had My Love (Ben Affleck did once, and gave J. Lo a Pink diamond engagement ring)

Maroon 5 Make Me Wonder (Maroon is shades of red, purple, and yes Pink!)

Christina Aguilera and friendsLady Marmalade (Pink is in there with Christina)

Casey Abrams Get Out (your LPD Party 2 headliner)

Mariah CareyHoney (Pink honey? No, but Mariah does have her Luscious Pink perfume for sale)

Dee-Lite Groove Is In The Heart (Dee-Lite = Tickled Pink!)

Melissa Etheridge Come To My Window (Survivor #3)

Jason MrazGeek In The Pink (that he is, and he says it proudly!)

Sugay Ray When It’s Over (means “You’re Fired”, and Mr. Trump told that to Mark McGrath on The Celebrity Apprentice once)

Backstreet BoysI Want It That Way (wrapping this up with some Bubble Gum Pop, and most bubble gum comes Pink!)


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