Not gonna lie, we definitely have some wacky times around this joint. You never know what's gonna go down here at SoJO 104.9 on a daily basis, because we're pretty much up for anything, lol. Here's a look back a some of the silliest moments of the year.

Stay tuned for more wacky moments in 2017!

  • 9

    Heather Washes Bras in a Salad Spinner

    Ok, yes. This looks weird. But trust us, this life hack WORKS!

  • 8

    We Discover 'Scary Baby Jeep'

    While on a routine shopping trip, Mike happened to spot the weirdest looking vehicle he'd ever seen in South Jersey. A truck we quickly dubbed 'Scary Baby Jeep.

  • 7

    Social Spring Gets Locked Out of Her House

    This poor girl finds herself in a predicament. Lol.

  • 6

    'Case of The Mondays' Dance

    Heather thinks she's got the cure for a case of the 'mondays'.

  • 5

    The Mike Show Gets 'Beanboozled'

    Jelly beans that taste like dog food, wet grass, and skunks? It was candy roulette on The Mike Show.

  • 4

    Riding Stuffed Animal Scooters

    It was like finding gold when Heather spotted these stuffed animals scooters at Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing. Who could resist a ride?

  • 3

    'Mike Likes Beer' Outtakes

    Look, sampling craft beer isn't always easy. While most turn out to be impressive, some are down right putrid. Here's a look at some outtakes from the YouTube series 'Mike Likes Beer'.

  • 2

    Heather Gets Coolsculpted Live on Camera

    Heather bared it all (well, almost, lol) when she brought a camera into the room at Warmuth Institute of Dermatology in Elmer to show viewers what it's really like to receive the Coolsculpting treatment.

  • 1

    Spring's Wing Eating Contest

    No one we know loves buffalo wings more than 'Social' Spring. So to celebrate Super Bowl Weekend, we wanted to see how many she could eat in 15 minutes! The results were practically disgusting, lol.

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