5 of My Favorite Memories of Toys R Us
I grew up as a Toys R Us kid. I can't believe Toys R Us is officially going out of business and likely closing all remaining stores in South Jersey. The chain is tied to so many of my memories, both as a child and an adult.
The 9 Wackiest SoJO 104.9 Moments of 2016
Not gonna lie, we definitely have some wacky times around this joint. You never know what's gonna go down here at SoJO 104.9 on a daily basis, because we're pretty much up for anything, lol. Here's a look back a some of the silliest moments of the year.
Top 5 SoJO Moments of 2014
What a year it's been!  SoJO 104.9 turned 10 in 2014!  And it was incredible celebrating with you these last 12 months.  Here's a look back as we count down our top five favorite memories!