Traditionally, SoJO would have kicked off summer at the Jersey shore with a big party full of our most loyal listeners. But, this year, COVID-19 kept us apart. So, we decided to relive some of our favorite moments.

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You helped us make SO many fun memories over the years. SoJO listeners have always been good sports when it comes to our goofy party games. Together, we've weathered everything from blazing hot heat to pouring rain to get the summer going. Every year, we say 'that was the best party yet', but somehow they keep getting better.

Do you know this year's party would have been for SoJO 104.9's 16th anniversary?

It was so fun going through past party photo galleries to see some of the shenanigans we got into. You may see some familiar faces along the way, too. Take a look for yourself!

Reliving SoJO Summer Kickoff Party Moments

We hope the time comes (very soon) that we can all meet up again and make some new memories. We'll certainly have to find some way this summer to celebrate 16 years of SoJO! Because no Summer of SoJO is complete until we're able to hang out.

In the meantime, please be safe, continue to take care of each other, and enjoy a bit of returning to normal. We'll be here at the station putting our heads together on new ways to challenge you and entertain you when we DO get back together.

Happy summer from your friends at SoJO 104.9!

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