I grew up as a Toys R Us kid. I can't believe Toys R Us is officially going out of business and likely closing all remaining stores in South Jersey. The chain is tied to so many of my memories, both as a child and an adult.

My brother and I would BEG my parents on a weekly basis to take us to the Toys R Us in Deptford. Sometimes we didn't even want them to buy us a toy, we just loved to roam the store and thought of it as a retail playground. I still know all the words from the commercial jingle!

Toys R Us Likely Closing Remaining U.S. Stores

Washington Post reported earlier this week that locations at Tanger Outlets in Atlantic City, Mays Landing, Cherry Hill, and Vineland will close, leaving hundreds unemployed just in our area. And, I guess that means Geoffrey The Giraffe will hang up his hooves once and for all.

 What will you miss most about Toys R Us? Tell us in the comment box below.


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    It's where I got my first ever Cabbage Patch Doll.

    Her name was Nelly Lynne. And my mom and grandfather stood around a flaming trash can at 4 in the morning waiting for the Toys R Us delivery truck to make sure I got one of those darn dolls.

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    I learned to ride my first 10 speed bike up and down the aisles.

    It was pink and grey and I was bad at riding it, unless I was biking among the Toys R Us aisles, using the shelves as a buffer.

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    Helping my brother search for Star Wars action figures.

    I would help my bro comb the shelves searching for rare action figures from Star Wars, G.I. Joe, and He-Man. It was always a victory finding one.

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    I worked at Kids R Us.

    My first ever part-time job was in 1993 as a cashier at Kids R Us right next door to the Toys R Us in Deptford. That location was one heck of a place to work my first (and last!) Black Friday in retail and I've not forgotten about it since.

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    Buying toys for my little family members with my own money.

    I had such a blast the first time I got to shop Toys R Us for my goddaughter's birthday and first Christmas. I got a cart and went nuts, and realized the Toys R Us experience can be just as fun for an adult as it is for a kid.

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