It just makes sense that if you have a good relationships with your doctors you are more likely to go and see them, be honest with them, and listen to their advice. This can lead to better health outcomes.

Like a marriage, a good relationship works both ways - it is up to you to really talk with your doctor and share your concerns.  We’ve got six tips on communicating with your doctor and improving your doctor patient relationship.

  • 1

    Prepare for Your Appointment

    Bring a list of all of your current medications including over-the-counter or prescription.   Write down any recent health problems or concerns that you have beforehand, so you will not forget to discuss them.

  • 2

    Record or Take Notes at Your Visit

    Record your visit, or bring someone to take notes. There’s often a lot of information to absorb during a doctor’s appointment, particularly if you’re facing a major, frightening health challenge. Ask your physician if it is okay to record beforehand.

  • 3

    Tell Them About Other Docs

    Tell them if you’ve gone to another doctor. Whether it’s a specialist, an emergency care situation, or an appointment you had to schedule on a day that your doctor was out, it’s important to make sure your main doc is in the loop about the other medical care you’ve received. 

  • 4

    EHRs make it easy to share information if the doctors are in the same system, but always make sure to ask that a record of the visit be sent to your primary care doctor. Carrying your doctor’s card, with the relevant contact information, will make doing this a breeze, Tucker advised.

  • 5

    Learn About Electronic Health Records

    Learn how to use electronic health records. They should be for patients as well as doctors. Find out if your doctor’s office is using digital records. Learn how you can use the access portal. Using electronic records allows you more access to your records and educational material

  • 6

    Get The Information You Need

    Do not allow your doctor to rush you out of the office.  Make sure that every question is answered and that you are clear on all explanations and instructions. It is okay to speak up and say you don't understand something. This is your health and your are responsible for it the minute you leave the office.

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