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Summertime brings many joys to our lives. It also brings some undesirable insects. Whether it is black flies, ants, spiders, or fruit flies, their tiny size allows them to find their way in through openings that we did not even think to check, but we can keep these unwelcomed guests outdoors where they belong with some basic steps. Try these four tips today to say goodbye to pests in your home

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    Grab Some Tape

    One of the simplest things we can do is to check your screens. Screens can easily get tears in them and get bigger over time without checking. We can grab some duct tape and patch up the hole in the screen. Try to place them on the outside of the home so bugs do not get stuck on the tape and potentially reproduce.

  • Kate Trifo
    Kate Trifo

    Store All Food

    Storing food in airtight containers helps to keep ants and other hungry bugs out. If hard plastic containers are unavailable, try to wrap food in plastic wrap to minimize chances of an entryway for bugs.

  • Towfiqu Barbhuiya Ho
    Towfiqu Barbhuiya Ho

    Clean the Trashcan

    Even though we take the trash out of the cans, there is still trash residue living around the rim of the can. Once you remove the trash bag,  scrub the bin thoroughly. The odor of trash attracts bugs, so if you detect any smell, clean it out immediately.

  • Aaron Huber
    Aaron Huber

    Clean The Kitchen

    What attracts bugs most is food. Where is the food? In the kitchen. Cleaning the kitchen regularly helps to prevent bugs from wanting to nestle in. Wiping up crumbs, cleaning up spills, and not leaving dishes overnight all help to discourage bugs.

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