Here they come! The Joro spider is reportedly on track to make an appearance in New Jersey this summer. But here's why you should cheer not fear its presence.

Yes, they jump. Yes, reportedly they can grow as large as the palm of your hand. But Joro spiders are not all bad!

Joro Spiders Bound for New Jersey, Experts Say

Joro Spider
David Hansche

A little background on the Joro, they're indigenous to East Asia, the females are brightly colored but they males are brown, and they're venomous but not poisonous. They reportedly pose no danger to you or your pets, according

The Joro spider's spindly legs and large body, plus its parachute-like ability to fly, make it off-putting. I get you might not want to cross one's web.

And because of their current travel pattern, University of Georgia research scientist Andy Davis tells the Joro is likely to pay a visit to the Garden State.

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Why You Should Never Kill the Beneficial Joro Spider

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But try not to kill them! There's no reason to if it hasn't come into direct contact with you.

Joro spiders are wonderous at eliminating other disastrous and dangerous bugs from your midst, like mosquitos, according to ABC News. And, in my opinion, spider>mosquito.

University of Maryland entomology professor Michael J. Raupp tells ABC News, 'Joro spiders can be incredibly important in reducing pests.'

Plus, if it's a female Joro you happen to spot, they're utterly beautiful arachnids to witness with their black, yellow, and blue stripes.

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