Jeffrey is one patient man. In previous rounds of the song-naming game 'Riffin' Around', Brooke, Producer Jose, and Social Media Alexis have really let him down. Will the team have better luck with a Friday the 13th theme?

'Riffin' Around' is kind of Brooke & Jeffrey's version of the old game show 'Name That Tune'.

Their first couple attempts (famous guitar riffs, 2000's songs, summer songs) resulted in the staff getting ribbed by listeners who couldn't hold back their disappointment because the team had such a hard time recognizing the song clips they were given. Brooke literally got called 'stupid' more times than she could count, lol.

But on Friday the 13th, would luck be on their side when identifying songs referencing superstitions and other Friday the 13th related things?

Watch the Friday the 13th episode of 'Riffin' Around' to see if any of the Brooke & Jeffrey crew can dominate.

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