The first time the Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning team played a game where they tried to identify songs based on a few notes went horribly wrong. Can they redeem themselves during a second attempt?

The game is called 'Riffin' Around', and it's kind of Brooke & Jeffrey's version of the old game show 'Name That Tune'.

Their first attempt at 'Riffin' Around' (which featured some of the greatest guitar riffs of all time) resulted in the staff getting ribbed by listeners who couldn't hold back their disappointment. Brooke literally got called 'stupid' more times than she could count, lol. In this new edition, the show hosts have try to guess songs from the Early 2000's. The winner will be crowned King or Queen of 'Riffin' Around'!

But Jeffrey begins the game skeptical, saying 'Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again expecting to get a different result?' Plus, it won't be good enough for the gang to simply cite the name of the artist of the song they hear. In order to get credit, they have to correctly identify song title.

From Avril Lavigne, to Bon Jovi, to Kylie Minogue, we bet YOU'LL know more of these 00's songs right off the bat than Brooke, Jose, or Alexis.

Watch below and see if any wins this edition of 'Riffin' Around'.

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