We all know Brooke & Jeffrey's morning show producer Jose has some character, his legendary laugh proves that. So we're not surprised he staged a one-man fashion show to show off his face mask.

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None of us could really have predicted that the most necessary accessory we'd need this spring was a protective face mask to keep us safe from a pandemic. Jose clearly has several he couldn't wait to show off. This man may have missed his calling as a model.

It's an awkward thing to get used to: the sight of yourself wearing a face mask when you're not a healthcare professional. So, sometimes you've just got to turn lemons into lemonade and make the best out of this situation.

You throw on some music, bust a move, and, in the words of Tim Gunn, 'make it work',

Watch as Jose turns the hallway into his very own runway. But, trust us, once you press 'play' you can't unsee it, lol.

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