Having to (and choosing to) wear a face mask has totally made me rethink my lipstick game.

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Look, I've gotten pretty low maintenance with makeup during the pandemic. I've not put foundation or powder on my face since the first week of March. But when heading out, especially to work, putting some color on my lips is just something I have to do. It brings color to my face and defines the shape of my mouth, and just makes me happier.

But, lip gloss is just NOT an option these days. It sticks right to my face mask and then winds up smeared all over my face. So, I've switched away from most of my go-to lip products in favor of formulas that will hold up under a mask until I get to where I can remove it, and I thought I'd share my suggestions on what's working for me.

(Links to all products below photo gallery.)

5 Lip Products That Last Under a Face Mask

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