Ever tried peeling a banana with your feet? Brooke and Jeffrey put a show member up to the challenge.

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We don't know why anyone who didn't have to would WANT to peel a banana with their feet, but who are we to question the trends of social media (there's a new 'challenge' every other month, it's hard to keep up).

Apparently, trying to peel a banana this way, rather than with your hands, like a normal person, is getting people's attention enough that they're challenging themselves.

Since Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning are never ones to get their own hands, er, feet, dirty, they passed the challenge down to Intern Alexis. And, she's not alone. Producer Jose is in on the game, too, to see who can peel the banana with their lower appendages the fastest, if they can even accomplish it at all.

Watch what happens in this latest episode of 'Mission: Accomplished-ish'.

Ew, just ew. Food and feet. Just, NO.

Have you tried this banana-peeling challenge? Let us know in the comment box below.

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