This month of August has seen the 50th Anniversary of the loss of Marilyn Monroe, the 35th Anniversary of the passing of "The King", and recent deaths of Hollywood dignitaries.  This week's version of "The Playlist" pays tribute to this month - those we have lost and have influenced.

Recently we lost Academy Award winning composer Marvin Hamlisch (Aug. 6) and film director Tony Scott (Aug. 19) - their work is reflected in The Playlist this week.

Other famous people who passed in August over the years includes actor/dancer Gregory Hines, guitar legend and maker Les Paul, and Rick James, but the 2 most famous is 50s blonde bombshell Monroe and Elvis Presley.

The songs on The Playlist remembers those incredibly talented people and the impact they have had (and in some ways still do):

Elvis Presley / Paul Oakenfold -- Rubberneckin' (Paul's remix went Top-10 in 6 countries, became a U.S. Club hit, and found its way into the movie Fred Claus)

UB40 -- Can't Help Falling In Love With You (their 1992 cover is this Elvis classic went #1 in 6 countires including the U.S.)

Cheap Trick -- Don't Be Cruel (their 1988 comeback included this Elvis cover that reached #4 on the Billboard Hot-100)

REM -- Man On The Moon ("Andy are you goofing on Elvis ..... Hey Baby!")

The Honey Drippers -- Rockin' At Midnight (reworking and old Elvis song that was a 40s blues song, Robert Plant's side project broke into the Top-30 in  1985)

Aaliyah -- Try Again (#1 smash in 2000, but tragically died in a plane crash on Aug. 25, 2001)

Kenny Loggins -- Danger Zone (from Top Gun, directed by Tony Scott in 1986)

Berlin -- Take My Breath Away (another Top Gun moment)

Bob Seger -- Shakedown (from Beverly Hills Cop II, directed by Tony Scott in 1987)

Van Halen -- Hot For Teacher (Eddie uses a Les Paul guitar, and summer vacation for some students dies at the end of August)

Velvet Revolver -- Fall To Pieces (#1 Rock hit in 2004, and Slash uses many different Les Paul models including his own custom shop Les Paul model)

Lenny Kravitz -- Are You Gonna Go My Way (Get the Les Paul pattern by now?  Lenny showcases his Paul Flying V in the video for this 1993 hit)

Rick James -- Superfreak (classic 80s dance hit that saw life again in the 90s)

MC Hammer -- U Can't Touch This (samples James to #1 in 1990)

Eddie Murphy -- Party All The Time (James wrote and produced this #2 smash in 1985 / James passed away on Aug. 6, 2004)

Barbra Streisand / Bryan Adams -- I Finally Found Someone (in 1996, this was Barbra's first Top-10 hit in 15 years ..... written by Marvin Hamlisch)

Elton John / George Michael -- Wrap Her Up (name checks Monroe in 1985)

Billy Joel -- We Didn't Start The Fire (yes Billy name checks everyone, but Marilyn gets pros in the first minute of the song)

Michael McDonald -- Sweet Freedom (from Running Scared with Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines in 1986)

Phil Collins / Marilyn Martin -- Separate Lives (#1 hit in 1985 from White Nights that starred Hines, who passed away on Aug. 9, 2003)