This month has seen money take center stage - from the record setting Mega Millions Lottery drawing, to the lack of money made in A.C., and the taxes that you may owe by Monday.  We make the cash that seems never to last long enough, and we dream of the "better life" with so much money that taxes will not effect us.  Time to take time out from reality with this week's edition of "The Playlist".

We are bringing "The Benjamins" this week - it's about serious money!  We are not going to give you a Nickel back - 5 cents will get you nowhere (so no music from that Canadian band made it into The Playlist).  We have the Cash you are looking for!  We are talking Millions, even Billions - the kind of dollars that would make your taxes not even phase you.

I know this is not the same as winning the $656 Million from that mega Mega Millions drawing, or even scoring a nice payoff on your tax returns (you need to get those done this week), but suspend reality for a bit and picture how big money with Change Everything - thrusting you into the Luxurious lifestyle that you deserve!

Follow the Money in these 20 songs that make this week's version of The Playlist:

Pet Shop Boys -- Opportunities ("Ask yourself this question: Do You Want To Be Rich?")

Calloway -- I Wanna Be Rich (that answers that question doesn't it?)

Steve Miller Band -- Take The Money and Run (......all the way to a place nobody can find you!)

Donna Summer -- She Works Hard For The Money ("so you better treat her right")

Gwen Stefani -- Luxurious ("The payback to lay back!"  That would be treating her right!)

AC/DC -- Money Talks (and listen how loud to Madonna)

Madonna -- Material Girl ("Only boys with the cold hard cash is always Mr. Right!")

Johnny Cash -- Hurt (here's your cash Madonna, and feel Johnny's pain!  The video for Hurt won the MTV Award in '03 for Video of The Year, and the Grammy for the same reason)

Barenaked Ladies -- If I Had A Million Dollars (it would be spent quickly!)

Travie McCoy / Bruno Mars -- Billionaire (that's better!)

Cyndi Lauper -- Money Changes Everything (that would depend ....... I refer to Clapton)

Eric Clapton -- It's In The Way That You Use It (from "The Color Of Money" soundtrack, the "it" is .......... take a wild guess)

P. Diddy -- All About The Bejamins ("Yeah!!!")

Duran Duran -- Notorious ("You own the money ......... You pay the profits")

Destiny's Child -- Independent Woman ("I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings"  She's got serious dough!)

ABC -- How To Be A Millionaire (usually involves gambling)

Kenny Rogers -- The Gambler (winning means you made ........)

Billy Joel -- Easy Money (the 80s movie featured Rodney Dangerfield, Joe Pesci, and a family inheritance ........ which would be.......)

Dire Straits -- Money For Nothing (you did not work for the cash above now did you?)

Pink Floyd -- Money (the ultimate song in this genre!)

Keep your dreams alive, and play the New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto for tomorrow's $12 Million jackpot, or shoot for tonight's Powerball for $94 Million.  Remember who inspired you (that's worth about $250,000 for me right?)