Advancements in technology have led to many innovations, including robotic-assisted total knee replacement. Patients needing a knee replacement now have the option to have joint replacement surgery with the assistance of state-of-the art robotics. 

Dr. Fabio Orozco, Medical Director at Orozco Orthopedics, says the robotics system works by taking a 3D CT scan and creating a template for the knee replacement based on that specific patient. This strategy allows doctors to do much of the work of the surgery before they even make an incision.

“I’m able to size the knee, position the components exactly to what they’re supposed to be for that particular patient, realign the leg, and balance the ligaments. The surgical cuts are done with a robotic arm and what the robotic arm brings is tremendous precision,” says Dr. Orozco.

Mako Robot is what makes this all possible. Mako Total Knee surgery, compared to conventional jig-based total knee replacement, has been associated with less bone and soft tissue damage.

The knee joint allows the knee to bend, straighten, flex, or extend, so it’s safe to say that is a necessary part of your body. For further information regarding Orozco Orthopedics, visit

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