What a cool program this is! I am just in awe at the amazing work these dedicated people are doing at Surfside Structured Sober Living where their motto is "rebuild, rediscover, recover."

Alyssa Fountain, Director of Growth & Engagement, and her husband met while in a recovery program themselves and decided to open their own program in Ventnor, New Jersey, just steps from the beach and bay.  This is the story of how this unique program is helping young men get their lives back.

Surfside Structured Sober Living will disrupt the cycle of addiction for 18-35  men. A long-term extended care sober living center, Surfside provides a structured sober living environment as their residents transition from addiction treatment through recovery into a new life of independence. For young men trying to stay sober, this non-profit is changing lives.

From their website - "Basically, at Surfside, getting clean and sober is so much more than just trying to not use drugs and alcohol. It is a complete overhaul in the way one thinks about and participates with the world around him."

Living together in group housing, the guys share a close bond as they follow the 12-step program. They keep with water activities such as fishing, surfing, and paddleboarding, as well as boxing and exercise in Surfside's fitness center. Surfside introduced “Camp Surfside" at their own 11-acre plot of woods which offers residents year-round camping with a full paintball and air-soft field. The Surfside comprehensive life development program teaches young men to become self-sufficient and dependable.

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