Last week, we told you about the Pleasantville teenager that was shot and killed by police officers.  The Atlantic County's Prosecutors Office is still investigating the manner, and have found more details....


The shooting of Alexis Yamil Perez, 19, has caused a large public concern.  Just yesterday, I walked in to my gym and their was a petition form waiting for me to sign at the front desk.  The form was to raise awareness for South Jersey police officers to have better training and judgement.


I won't say whether I signed the form or not, but I was amazed at the amount of concern that was taking place.


According to authorities NBC 40, '19-year-old Alexis Perez called police to say he had a weapon and was about to commit an act of violence.  Police responded and Perez got into a confrontation with about 10 officers while armed with a knife.'


OC spray was used after verbal commands.   He then advanced one of the officers with the knife in his hand, and four of the police officers shot and fatally wounded him.


The investigation is still continuing.

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