Back in April, we reported a 19 year old was fatally shot by Pleasantville Police officers.  It looks like we may have an ending to this story, and not everybody is thrilled about it.


According to Police reports and the Press of Atlantic City, approximately 10 police officers did everything they could to avoid shooting 19 year old Alexis Yamil Perez.  It was when Alexis had a knife in his hand and walked toward an officer that the shooting began.


Perez's mother believes that her son was getting on the ground, and not walking towards an officer with a weapon.


This all began when Alexis Perez called 911 and said, 'I just feel like killing somebody right now'.  Perez gave his name and location on the 800 block of West Park Avenue. Then, he told the dispatcher, “You better just tell the officers to shoot me.” (Press of Atlantic City)


Based on a grand jury's decision, Pleasantville police are cleared of any wrong doing.


It should be noted that after the shooting, the family led several rallies against the police department.  After the Grand Jury decision, they have vowed to continue fighting.

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