The hashtag #RedneckXmasSongs was trending on Twitter and our listeners added their own South Jersey song versions. These are some of the best PINEY Christmas Songs...

We joke, because we love.

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The Top 10 Piney Christmas Songs from South Jersey

  1. I'm Dreaming of a White Horse Pike Christmas 
  2. Holler-lujah
  3. Rockin' Around the Dollar Tree 
  4. Do You Hear the John Deere? 
  5. Rudolph the Redneck Reindeer
  6. Who's Child is This?
  7. Frosty the Beer Mug 
  8. The 12 Packs of Christmas
  9.  Auld Moon Shine
  10. Grandma Got Run Over By The Jersey Devil


Just in case you aren't from South Jersey and don't know what a Piney is, here is the broadest term definition according to Urban Dictionary:

A person who lives in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey and is given to wearing unbuttoned flannel shirts with Lynyrd Skynyrd or Molly Hatchet tour shirts underneath. Most frequently sited in Southern Ocean County and environs. Known for yelling, "Freebird!" whenever they are in the audience at a live concert in the hope that there are other Skynyrd fans there that they can hook up with to drink beer and fight with later. To date, no band has actually ever played Freebird at the request of a Piney.
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