We asked you to tell us what kind of people drive you nuts, in store parking lots in South Jersey, during the holiday season...



Here are the BIGGEST PAINS in South Jersey PARKING LOTs, during the holidays:

  1. The person who leaves a shopping cart in a parking space, so now you have to move it before you can park there.
  2. The person who leaves a shopping cart BEHIND your car, so you can't back out without moving it first.
  3. The person who knows you are waiting for their spot, but is taking their sweet time putting bags away, checking their phone, looking at themselves in the mirror.
  4. The person you are following to their car, but they can't remember where they parked, so they're wandering aimlessly.
  5. The shopping cart collector guy, who lines up so many carts to take back to the store, that he is blocking about 14 cars from backing out.
  6. The parking space straddler, that doesn't park between the lines.


Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Speaking of parking lots, check out some of our bad parkers on The Mike Show...



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