This very well could be the lowest of the low.


Millville Police confirm that 33-year old Rosa Rios, a school bus aide,  was caught on surveillance video going through student's lunches and stealing lunch money.  The students were only 3-5 years old.


Usually I would frown when a school yard bully does something like this, but when I see a 33-year old school employee taking such actions it makes me sick.  She was a school bus aide for seven years, yet the surveillance video only shows her stealing the lunches and money starting in January of this past year.  Parents trust school officials with their children, and actions such as this only causes concern.


Rios was arrested, and is currently jailed on a $50,000 bond.  Perhaps turning her over to the parents and grandparents of the children is in order? What kind of punishment would you suggest?

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