Over the top wedding proposals are always fun to watch.  It's even better when the over the top proposal ends with destruction!



A guy in the Netherlands was proposing to his girlfriend this weekend, and decided to do something WAY over-the-top.  He rented a crane, parked it outside his girlfriend's apartment Saturday morning, and lifted himself up to her bedroom window.


But as the crane lifted him up, it topple over and fell straight into the neighbor's roof.





No one was hurt, and the guy's girlfriend said yes.  But unfortunately for our stupid citizen, the destruction wasn't over yet.   As the crane operators were trying to get the crane out of the neighbor's roof using a bigger crane, it fell AGAIN.  This time it destroyed the REST of the neighbor's roof, and made six other apartments unsafe to be in.


Wouldn't be the first time some guy has proposed and ended up losing his house.

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