When I was a kid, the fire alarm looked so inviting.  I just wanted to smash the glass and pull the lever.  I wanted the teachers to panic, and the my friends to run out of the school with pure joy.  Today's Stupid Citizen pulled the lever not because he wanted to, but because he had himself a little accident.


I'm not sure what would lead a grown man to flush potatoes down the toilet.  But for some reason, a guy in Upper Darby flushed a bunch of potatoes down the toilet in his apartment on Sunday morning. To no surprise at all, the toilet clogged.


He then called maintenance for help.  They didn't respond to his calls.  So he did the only thing that 'made sense', he pulled the fire alarm.  All of his neighbors ended up evacuating the building, and the cops and fire department rushed to the scene.  Of course, everybody found out that this wasn't a real emergency, our Stupid Citizen just needed help with his potatoes!


He was arrested, and charges are coming.


And that kids, is how you make Potato Soup.


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