If you've ever gone to Applebee's and ordered the steak fajita, you will most likely hear the server say 'be careful, this is hot' as he/she serves the meal to you, right?


Hiram Jimenez of Trenton probably thought the server was lying.  Hiram ordered the sizzling skillet, and after the food was brought out, he and his brother bowed their heads to pray for their the food.


Unfortunately Hiram bowed his head too low and burned his left eye and face on the skillet.  Then, he jumped up and the skillet fell on his lap.  Obviously, this was way too much pain for a simple lunch break.  The burns didn't leave any scars, but Hiram still sued the restaurant chain for negligence.


After years of going back and forth in the courtroom, the appeals court finally ruled that it was Hiram's fault for putting his face too close to the fajitas. (You think?)

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