It wasn't me!!!


That's the response I gave to listeners who sent me this story on my Facebook page.  This particular Elf had a little too much sauce.


According to 6ABC:


23-year-old Brian Chellis was found passed out in a car early Friday morning wearing an Elf on the Shelf costume.

Lt. James Macintosh says the Cedar Grove man was asleep behind the wheel of a van with its engine running, lights on and music blaring. He says Chellis was in a red shirt, red pants and white ruffled collar.

Macintosh says Chellis seemed confused about where he was and had an open can of beer in the car. He was issued a summons and released to a family member.


From this day forth, this 'Elf in the Shelf' imposter will be known as 'Drunk in the Trunk'.


By the way, you can still submit YOUR Elf on the Shelf pics here

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