Little things can make a big difference when it comes to shedding those extra pounds. There are simple steps we can take that we can work into our lifestyle.

First, you can still watch your favorite show, just not on the couch.  Get active during commercial breaks - jump rope, run in place, climb the steps, anything that will get your heart rate up. Being more active for each two minute break is an easy way to lose weight. According to Prevention Magazine you can burn an extra 270 calories each day, which is 28 pounds each year!

Next, keep a record of what you eat each day. When you write down what you consume on a day to day basis, it will help you realize how much you are actually eating.  It will help you discover what you did right and what you can improve upon. Keeping track of your eating also helps pinpoint when you went off track. Did you wake up late? Were you in a hurry that day?  Did you go to a party or out to dinner?

Follow the one mile rule. Pledge to walk, not drive, to complete errands if they are within a mile of your home or office. When shopping in an large shopping center, walk to each location instead of moving your car every time you visit a different store.

Also, park you car further away in a parking lot so you take more steps getting to your destination.  Take stairs instead of the elevator and stay active around the house by gardening,  sweeping or mopping, and do bigger tasks such as cleaning the garage or closets.   There are a lot of good activity trackers and food journaling apps that can help you reach your goals. Bottom line, think "How I can I be more active doing every day activities?"  Our bodies were not meant to stay still, so get moving!

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