If we take a look back about a year, we were going about our business, unsuspecting what 2020 had in store. Around this time we were just going about our everyday lives. For Valentine’s Day, we might have gone out to a nice dinner. We were going out to concerts, enjoying live sporting events, and even taking weekend getaways. Fast forward to today when many of us are home almost all of the time. So, how can we keep the spark alive without leaving the house?

Here are twelve ways to create romance at home. 


  • 1

    Cook A Romantic Dinner

    Cook your partner’s favorite meal, buy their favorite drink and turn the dining room into a little date night getaway. You can set the mood with candles and soft music in the background.

  • 2

    No Phones Rule Before Bed

    Focus on each other and use that time to spend together, being fully present.

  • 3

    Spa Night

    Give each other full body massages and maybe indulge in a nightly skin care routine together

  • 4

    Write Love Notes

    Leaving little messages of love throughout the house will definitely make them smile all throughout the day.

  • 5

    Bake Together

    Spend time making your favorite treats together.

  • 6

    Dance Together

    Whether it’s a dance party in the living room or a slow dance in the kitchen, woo your partner with your rhythm. 

  • 7

    Plan A Picnic

    Treat your partner to a surprise picnic in the backyard for some alone time outside of the house. Of course, this is weather permitting. This one might be better in the spring!

  • 8

    Craft Night

    Head to your local craft store and surprise your partner with a painting night or a craft you can do together.

  • 9

    Game Night

    Have a night of fun playing card games and board games you both love.

  • 10

    Show Affection

    Make your partner feel loved by giving them extra kisses, snuggles and hugs.

  • 11

    Dress Up

    In the midst of the pandemic most of us have given up dressing in clothes we used to wear to go out in. Get dressed up and have a fancy date night in the comfort of your home. Feel confident!

  • 12

    Make Time For Intimacy

    Intimacy adds to romance. Put on your favorite sleepwear, set the mood and make your partner feel wanted. If you have kids, let them stay over a friend or a relative’s house for a night every now and then. Make sure intimacy is still actively part of your relationship.

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