What's better than a typical prank phone call? A prank phone call with animation! Check out this cartoon version of morning show host Jeffrey posing as Kanye West's personal assistant.

Pranking front desk workers is one of Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning's specialties, and in this Animated Phone Tap, Jeff attempts to convince front desk receptionist Janelle that one of the Yeezy is coming to stay in her hotel.

Jeffrey plays 'Radler'. How long can he string Janelle along that she's about to have to go to extremes to cater to one of world’s most notorious celebrities?

Kanye reportedly needs a block of hotel rooms, which Janelle is happy to accommodate, but she's fairly new on the job and doesn't have any experience dealing with famous people. So, when Yeezy himself jumps on the line to make a list of requests, babbling all the way, Janelle gets rattled.

His assistant 'Radler' has to explain that Janelle scared Kanye off and that he's not happy, leaving her to try hard to smooth things over.

Do Brooke & Jeffrey succeed in using Yeezy's own words against him?

Watch the animated version of the Phone Tap 'Kanye Hotel' below.

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