It is and American tradition , a good ol' fashioned barbecue on the Fourth of July. But every year, grills are responsible for fires as well as thousands of injuries and burns, a third of  those are kids under five.

Don't let a burn or injury ruin your holiday. Here are the top 10 safety tips for grilling just in time for your  Independence Day cookout!



  • 1

    Keep Your Grill Outside

    Gas and charcoal grills can produce carbon monoxide and other dangerous toxins.   Always operate your grill outside to prevent these harmful chemicals from entering your home.

  • 2

    Read Your Owner's Manual

    Not everyone is an expert.. To ensure you and the safety of those you love properly read the directions on how to operate your grill.

  • 3

    Protect Yourself with Proper Attire

    Grilling gloves and utensils with long handles will keep your hands and arms safe when dealing with heat and flames.

  • 4

    Clean Thoroughly

    Keeping your grill clean not only makes your food taste better, but reduces the risk of flare-ups. Cleaning the grill will prevent rust, buildup, and the risk of toxins being transmitted in your food!

  • 5

    Never Leave Grill Unattended

    Never leave the grill unattended when flames are still present or the grill is still hot. Keep children and pets at a safe distance away because the grill will remain hot and dangerous.

  • 6

    Start Gas Grill with Lid Open

    Lighting your grill with a closed lid can cause a dangerous buildup of gas.

  • 7

    Be Responsible with Lighting Fluid

    Try to avoid lighting fluid if you can. But if you must, only use charcoal lighter fluid to start a charcoal grill.

  • 8

    Check Gas Lines

    The fuel lines of gas grills can become pinched, twisted, clogged, torn, melted or otherwise manipulated. When this happens, the risk of a fire is escalated.

  • 9

    Use Correct Cords

    If you have an electric grill or electric accessories, try to use an outdoor extension.

  • 10

    Shut Grill Down Correctly

    For a gas grill, this means turning off the burners and the fuel supply. For a charcoal grill, wait for the coals to stop burning and cool down completely.

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