A few weeks ago on Chris & The Crew, Chris mentioned that on average, people gain 7-10 pounds during the holidays.  Ugh.  That convinced me to cut down on my cookie intake (at least for one day or so).

I guess it then makes sense that the most popular New Year's Resolution among Americans is to exercise more and to lose weight.  That's according to a survey conducted by the website offers.com.

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Offers.com says that New Jerseyans were inline with the rest of the country with exercising being our #1 New Year's Resolution.  Maybe more interesting is the fact that "finding love" is the #2 resolution in New Jersey.

Other popular resolutions across the country include saving money (#1 in 13 states including Pennsylvania) and traveling more.

Making new friends is the most popular resolution in Alaska and finding a new job is #1 in Delaware.

Offers.com used the results of the survey to predict what people will be purchasing in the new year.  Those things include smartwatches and fitness trackers, fitness apparel, and streaming subscriptions.  Offers.com also predicts that people will be spending money on travel in 2020.

To get more info on the survey and results, click here.


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