Hey Chelsea you sure are writing a lot of articles about Game of Thrones, don't you think you might be going overboard? No, internet, no I do not. This is what happens when you give someone like me who obsesses over things the power to write articles. Plus, there are only two episodes left before the entire series ends so I'm going to milk this cow dry.

If you have yet to watch this past Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones you might want to stop reading, there are some spoilers ahead. Not crazy mind-blowing spoilers, but enough to impact the show.

I think I want to get into the Bran theory before I go out on a limb with my outrageous theory.


As everyone was celebrating the defeat of the white walkers and Night King, Tyrion and Bran have a quiet moment. Tyrion compliments Bran's wheelchair and Bran's response made my ears perk up. Bran says, "It's the same as the one Daeron Targaryen built for his crippled nephew 120 years ago." Okay, not that weird. Wheelchairs aren't exactly a thing in Westeros, so if you have one you might know the history.

However, the next thing Bran says raises a few eyebrows. He then says, "I liked that one." This would insinuate that Bran had seen more than one wheelchair, which isn't all that likely. My first thought was that Bran was there during the Young Dragon's reign. Everything about that sentence made me think he was there.

This of course lends itself to the theory that Bran has done quite a bit of time travel, which hasn't been addressed all that much with the exception of the Night King's creation, Jon's birth, and the wedding of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.

The next exchange between these two characters was even more confusing.

Tyrion brings up the fact that he is Lord of Winterfell, he realizes Bran doesn't want to be a lord, and Bran explains he doesn't want anymore. Cryptic, yes, but this is Bran we are talking about here. The next line Bran delivers, for me, confirms the theories Bran has been stuck in different points in time in an attempt to defeat the Night King and fix his mistakes along the way.

Tyrion envies the fact that Bran doesn't want, to which Bran responds with this epic line, "You shouldn't envy me, mostly I live in the past."

If the theories that Bran has found himself stuck in time were correct that would mean that he mostly lives in the past. Could this mean that Bran will be going back soon and get trapped after staying too long soon? If the theory is correct then yes. Clearly his time travel is not just a vision since the Night King was able to touch him and he got Ned's attention.

Okay let's get into the CRAZY theory.


Jon is going to die. I am convinced about this fact. You can read into that theory here.

So if Jon is going to die, this could create a mind-blowing scenario. Jon and Daenerys aren't exactly seeing eye to eye right now. Honestly, Dany is only seeing eye to eye with Grey Worm and Drogon.

Let's say Jon dies and Dany does not know right away. I know that seems far fetched, but she has tunnel vision right now.

We need a call back to the training Arya had with the Faceless Men. She wears Jon's face to kill Daenerys.

Yes, I know this is an absurd theory, but this is Thrones we are talking about. Is it more likely that Jaime will die and Arya uses his face to kill Cersei? Probably, but it would be crazier if my theory was correct.

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