Hey! Here in South Jersey, we stand up for each other, and I'm standing up for Mike Trout!

Trout, the Millville, New Jersey native is the best baseball player of his - or possibly any - generation.

Throughout his professional career, Trout has been just that - professional. He's carried himself well, he's humble, and he's also there with a smile and an autograph - especially for the kids.

Now, some yuckster is throwing shade on Mike Trout, posting a video that casts a shadow on Trout's image.

I call BULL****!

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Again, throughout his career, Trout has gone above and beyond in all situations. Especially with kids! He almost always signs autographs at games and he meets with kids going through some of life's challenges on a regular basis.

I content he's an EXCELLENT role model for the youth of America - and the youth of South Jersey.

Now, back to this yuckster. This clown who has posted a video of Mike hurrying past two small children as he rushes from here to there.

The person who posted this is a clown. The parents of these two young children are clowns. (Is it the same person?)

I'm not going to glorify the clown and his video, but you can certainly find it on the internet. In the last couple of days, it's all over social media.

The video shows Mike Trout and another gentleman walking out of what appears to be a hotel, hurrying to a car. The kids are standing nearby hoping for an autograph, but Mike keeps walking.

Now some on social media are knocking Trout.

Those people are dead wrong.

People, no matter who they are - and how rich and famous they are - have lives. They do need some space to live and breathe. You don't stake out someone's home waiting for an autograph. Same with athletes at hotels - you don't stake out the hotel. That's classless. Let them breathe.

One thing that is TOTALLY CLASSLESS is lining up your small children on the street to beg for an autograph when the celebrity walks out the hotel door.


What were the parents of these children thinking? WAIT! Why were they rolling video? Was it to make some bucks from social media?

If you want to get a baseball player's autograph, GO TO A GAME! Sometime it works, sometimes it doesn't. Do it the right way. Don't troll them outside of a hotel - and don't troll them using your small children as ammunition.

Be better, Mom and Dad, be better.

If you're from South Jersey, join me and stand up for Mike Trout! He deserves it!

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