As many fans of Game of Thrones do, I have been reading a lot of articles and watching a lot of YouTube videos about episode 3 of season 8. The Battle of Winterfell has been the talk of the town for the past week, with fans being divided on how they felt about it. Many would argue that the show focused on the "long night" for so long that the end was anti-climatic. I just had a bit of a Jimmy Neutron brain blast and realized they are all wrong. The show delivered exactly what was promised and most fans looked into certain prophesies a little too much.

Throughout the years Game of Thrones has introduced many, many, many (did I mention many?) characters and sub-plots. However one constant has remained the same, the fight for the throne. The throne has been the main character throughout the entire series. I know it's not an actual character, but it has served as one.

No matter what happened to the Night King, the end result of the series has to surround the throne. Yes, the Night King has been posing as a massive threat throughout most of the series, but the throne and the fight for the throne has been the main focus.

Let's break down the Battle of Winterfell and address everyone's issue on it.

I made a video reacting to peoples' reaction to the biggest battle scene ever seen in a movie or TV show. After reading the comments, I made yet another realization. Impatience. Game of Thrones' fans are incredibly impatient.

In my review I said that the story of the Night King has been very much in the background and that I did not care all that much about how his story closed. I really don't. I also said that Melisandre has been wrong in the past and that her prophesies. Stannis wasn't all he was cracked up to be.

The idea of "the long night" was such a broad statement made throughout the show over and over again. Many believed that meant a long winter created by the Night King. The episode title was "The Long Night." No matter what happens the show delivered. It was a long night.

It never ceases to amaze me how impatient fans are. Yes, there are very few episodes left for Game of Thrones. There is a concern on how they can wrap up the years and years of story in a short amount of time. Thrones has not made a habit of disappointing fans in closing out story lines. The show is also known for ending an episode with many questions still hanging in the air. Why is it now that fans seem to distrust the writers of the show?

Wait to see how the show ends before you go on your internet crusade.

The second set of comments I received surrounded "girl power." Insert a million and ten eye rolls here.

Arya has always been a tough cookie, her character has been training her entire life to be the ultimate fighter. No one has had a problem with Arya's character as a strong woman until now. I've also never understood the issue with having a character like Arya and having her have the ultimate moment of a show. Maybe it's because I am a woman or maybe because I am not small minded...

Watch my review here:

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