Seriously, this entire article is based on tonight's episode. If you are not all caught up, turn back now. If you are all caught up, don't mind reading fan theories, and/or don't care about spoilers; trek on my friend. Tonight's episode has me fully convinced this character isn't going to make it out alive.

Alright, now let's get into tonight's Game of Thrones episode and the character I think will be killed off in the next episode. I should say a few characters, but one of which I thought was going to make it out alive.

The Battle of Winterfell has been fought and won. Everyone in Winterfell is celebrating their victory which creates a great scene between our favorite characters. Honestly, none of that is important in my theory.

Who do I think is going to die soon?


I am a part of a GoT death pool and I want to say I had him surviving the season, now not so much.

In many movies and TV shows when a main character is about to face their demise, the writers give them a warm send off. They allow the characters closest to them to say their goodbyes, which acts as a fond farewell for the audience as well. Tonight Thrones did just that for Jon.

Jon talks with Dany about their little hiccup with his lineage, which of course doesn't go well. She has a crazed look in her eyes, hinting towards a "Mad Queen" vibe. He then tells Sansa and Arya the truth, or well Bran tells them. Sansa can't keep a secret (I have never related to Sansa more) and now Tyrion and Varys know. Clearly, this isn't good. Like Varys said, too many people know.

They go on and on about how he would be a better king and Varys hints that he's going to off Daenerys. Which, I always figures Dany wasn't surviving so that didn't shock me.

As everyone is prepping to go to Kings Landing, Jon has a moment with a few characters that acted as that fond farewell.

Tormund says his goodbyes and Jon tells him he wishes he could go north of the Wall. Jon also tells Tormund to take Ghost with him. Jon spent so much time worrying about Ghost and wanting Ghost to be around him for him to just tell Tormund to take him. This is definitely foreshadowing for the audience, Jon won't be around for Ghost anymore.

Sam and Gilly then say their goodbyes, which is also when we find out Gilly is pregnant. Sam and Jon hug and Sam tells him that he is the best friend he has ever had.

This scene would be unnecessary if Jon was going to live through the end of the series. The writers did this to prepare us for Jon's untimely demise. Now the cause of his death is still up in the air. Could Dany kill him to prevent Jon from taking the throne? Could he die in battle? Who knows, but I'm certain it will be in the next episode.

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