Social media has completely taken over especially in teens and young adults. Everyone has a smart phone and direct access to the internet, which can be great for learning and connecting with friends.  However it can also be dangerous.

Indulging in too much of social media can cause mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and feeling less than those you see online. Social media user numbers continue to grow. In fact, the average person spends more than 90 minutes looking at their favorite social media sites and apps. This is an astounding amount of time that could be spent in other ways, but it is also indicative of the current social and business culture.

Although your work may require you to remain online during business hours, it can be very helpful to get away from it all over the weekend or during a vacation. Want the 5 best ways to detox from the habit of being too involved in social media? Check it out!

  • 1

    Break the Social Comparison Cycle

    Do you ever catch yourself comparing your life to those who post about theirs on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter? First of all, no one's life is really as great as they make it look online! We should all really look like our best photo every day!  If it makes you feel upset or jealous, stop looking at it.

  • 2

    Reconnect with the Real World

    Taking a walk around your neighborhood or visiting your favorite restaurant will keep your mind off of social media!

  • 3

    Start Living in the Moment

    Every moment counts. Most people fail to embrace the moment they’re living in due to camera phones and videos. In our digital age, people get together and everyone is on their phone, instead of talking to each other.  If this sounds familiar, tuck your phone away and enjoy the people and events around you.

  • 4

    Create New Hobbies

    Are you athletic? Do you enjoy reading? Making new hobbies will take your mind off the internet and celebrity gossip. It will allow you to put your focus into your activity and skill.

  • 5

    Start Feeling Better

    Detoxing from the world of social media will allow your body to adapt to new habits. This will lead to a better way of thinking and in return will have a positive impact on your mental and physical health.

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