Brooke doesn't tip her barista when she stops to grab her morning coffee, but does her situation have anything to do with being cheap?

Someone's gotta help my girl Brooke out, and if I have to be the one to step in, I will.

Brooke recently downloaded the Starbucks app to streamline her morning routine, and help her grab her pre-morning show coffee and dash to the station. She really loves and appreciates her Starbucks baristas, and actually WANTS to tip them, but she can't figure out how using the app (which confuses me, but I'll get to that in a minute).

So, after multiple unsuccessful sessions trying to locate the tipping feature in her Starbucks app settings, Brooke up and CALLED Starbucks corporate headquarters for help.

She never carries cash anymore, and she's really embarrassed that she's been unable to tip the employees who help her getting her morning going, and doesn't want them to think she's cheap.

Now, Brooke says Starbucks couldn't help her. You can watch her explain in the video below. But why didn't they just tell her to click on her order receipt on the app, which brings up an option to tip even long after you've placed your order? You know you can do that, right?

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