Brad Pitt was struck in the face by a man last night at the Hollywood premiere of Maleficent, starring his longtime love Angelina Jolie.

The incident took place on the red carpet of the El Capitan theater.  The assailant was international prankster Vitali Sediuk, according to

Just days ago in Cannes, Sediuk appeared on the red carpet and put his head under the dress of actress America Ferrera.   Sediuk crashed the Grammys last year while Adele was giving her acceptance speech. He has also grabbed Leonardo DiCaprio, has attempted to kiss Will Smith, and had annoyed Bradley Cooper on multiple occasions.

Security guards held 25-year old Sediuk until the LAPD could take him into custody.  He was arrested and booked on suspicion of misdemeanor battery, his bail set at $20,000.

Pitt, who was unharmed according to officials, resumed signing autographs for fans after the incident.

My question is how does this idiot Sediuk keep getting close enough to celebrities to prank them?

just 11 days ago in Cannes with his head under America Ferrera’s dress. The notorious prankster crashed the Grammys last year, when he was jailed overnight and banned from setting foot in the L.A. Live complex after making it up on stage and attempting to accept Adele’s award for best solo performance. He has also grabbed Leonardo DiCaprio (watch the video below), tried to kiss Will Smith (and was subsequently slapped) and groped Bradley Cooper at various red carpet events.

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