Watch Hero Cat Save Child from Vicious Dog Attack [VIDEO]
Cats chase dogs chase cats.  It's a 'tail' as old as time (Tail, get it?...Lol).  But it turns out cats can also save lives.  Meet Tara.  She may be the world's greatest feline.  Tara came to the rescue when a little boy was attacked by a neighbor's dog trying to pull the child off his bike.  The video is incredible.
Sugar Bowl or Punch Bowl? Mom attacks fan at football game [VIDEO]
One overzealous female Alabama fan, and a mother no less, crashed into a group of onlookers at the recent Sugar Bowl championship game.  She seems determined to face off against a much younger, male Oklahoma fan one section away, but when she is pulled away she refuses to take 'no' for an answer, and comes back like a wrecking ball...