Now that April is here, we have to be ready for the eventual rain that always comes with this Spring month.  You know the old saying - April Showers Bring May Flowers.  All well and good this theory, but rain can also bring some thunder and lighting, the occasional flooding, and the mad scramble to find the umbrella in the house.  This week's edition of The Playlist will dive into all that encompasses Rain.

Rain is always looked at something good for Mother Earth - helping the grass grow, feed the trees, giving your plants that need a watering.  Rain can be something romantic and fun, an excuse to be lazy on a Spring weekend, and you cannot deny that you did not enjoy jumping in puddles as a kid!

The downside of Rain is that you can get cabin fever after too many days of "wet" in a row, and occasionally showers can be so intense to bring some severe conditions (and we can be thankful that the Dallas area escaped the 2 tornadoes with minimal people hurt and no reported fatalities).

The Playlist will try to keep to the lighter side of rain, but you may experience some thunder and lighting during this storm of 20 songs, and maybe a bit of flooding.  Overall, you should enjoy this set of Rain on The Playlist:

Garbage -- Only Happy When It Rains (the band is coming to the House Of Blues in A.C. on May 25th)

Supertramp -- It's Raining Again (well, yes it is, and it rained into a Top-10 hit in 1982)

Rihanna -- Umbrella ("It's Raining.......Ooh Baby It's Raining", and Ri remembered the umbrella!)

Eurythmics -- Here Comes The Rain Again (getting the idea here yet?)

Live -- Lightning Crashes (occasionally, and the lighting struck  in '95 as a Top-15 Radio hit)

Bruce Hornsby and The Range -- Mandolin Rain (listen to it, although I'm not sure what noise it makes)

Prince -- Purple Rain (movie is a true "cult classic")

Peter Gabriel -- Red Rain (what's next White Rain?  I don't remember if the shampoo had a jingle)

Counting Crows -- Rain King (I though Noah had that title?)

Jars of Clay -- Flood (This rests Noah's case!)

Bruno Mars -- It Will Rain (well based on all this, Duh!)

Fleetwood Mac -- Dreams ("Thunder only happens when it's raining")

Ashanti -- Rain On Me (her last Top-10 hit was this in 2003)

Adele -- Set Fire To The Rain (water douses fire, so how is this possible?)

Guns 'N Roses -- November Rain (well some rainy nights in April can feel like November)

Billie Myers -- Kiss The Rain (a One-Hit Wonder in 1998 with this Top-10 hit)

Bruce Springsteen -- Thunder Road (have to get one of Jersey's own when possible)

Ami Stewart -- Knock On Wood ("It's like thunder, and lighting.......")

Nelson -- After The Rain (comes the perfect ending this week)

Jimmy Cliff -- I Can See Clearly Now (".....the rain is gone", and so is The Playlist this week)

There are lots of songs that fit this theme, so feel free to share your ideas here.