Maybe you didn't notice the date on today's calendar, but it's Friday the 13th! Or, maybe you DID and just ignored it in hopes it would just go away. If, like Michael Scott, you're a little 'stitious', Young Jeffrey's new Song of the Week could calm your nerves.

Every Friday during Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning, Jeff his Song of the Week. They're not exactly 'parodies', most of the time they're more of a tribute.

Is your paranoia at an all-time high because of quarantine? If you woke up to strange occurrances today, say a black cat crossed your path (not that there's anything wrong with that), or you got pooped on by a bird, or your car fell into a sink hole, and you're feeling like your karma's jacked up, maybe you need to cleanse your aura to avoid any more pitfalls just because of the ominous day on the calendar.

Young Jeffrey believes singing helps him to expel bad energy and he's about to hit some high notes as he transforms Adele's megahit 'Rolling in the Deep' into a Friday the 13th anthem.

If you missed Young Jeffrey's brand new Song of the Week, 'Friday the 13th', you can watch it below.

Look out for those sidewalk cracks and broken mirrors!

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