Hedgehog cheerleaders, a 'barking lot' of 'tail'-gating canine's, and a hamster blimp.  Animal Planet went all out for Puppy Bowl IX, which aired Sunday.  Let's relive some of the match's most adorable moments. 

This year's game even featured a few puppies recruits from New Jersey!

It's was a day of fur-ocious action on the turf!  People.com lists Puppy Bowl IX's most paw-some plays (click here for photos):

1. As Good as Gold
Sometimes, you go for the touchdown. Sometimes, you just sit down, like this golden retriever pup.

2. Friendly Competition
Did the referee cite these canines for excessive ruff play? We thought so.

3. Good Sport
Yup, ref Dan Schachner definitely needs to knock off at least 10 yards for excessive cuteness right here.

4. Playing the Field
At the Puppy Bowl, it's important that you always put your best paw forward.

5. Group Huddle
Er, cuddle? This is way better than that Vince Lombardi Trophy thingy.

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