Maybe you have been thinking of getting a pet, but you have had doubts for various reasons.

Maybe you feel a pet isn't the right fit for your family, or maybe you won't be home enough to properly take care of a cat or dog.

But now with the spread of the Coronavirus, most people are stuck at home so this could be the perfect time to help out our local shelters and at least "foster" a cat or a dog that is up for adoption while you are stuck inside for an extended amount of time.

A few of the rescues that I know, Amazing Mutts Puppy Rescue and Puppy Love Pet Rescue are constantly looking for fosters all year round. This would be a perfect time to help.

You would make a huge difference in the dog's life getting him/her adjusted to living in a home.

You never know, you might even become a "Foster Fail" (which is a good thing) and keep the dog or cat for yourself

Click HERE for a list of shelters and rescues around New Jersey

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