We all know that the number of obese and overweight children is on the rise. In fact more than 40 million kids are obese in our country, but we can take steps to change those numbers.

Studies show obese children are more likely to become obese adults and that can create a variety health problems down the road. If your child is struggling with weight issues, there are ways to help get him or her excited to eat healthier and live longer and better lives.

Here are four ways to get your kids involved in eating better.




  • 1

    Get Your Kids n The Kitchen

    Kids are more excited about healthy foods when they are involved in the creation process. They also feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Get them involved in the shopping and preparation of their meals.

  • 2

    Reinvent Foods

    Reinvent foods they may not currently like. Most kids as we know don't love to eat their vegetables, but parents can experiment with different combinations to make these healthy snacks more enticing. An example could be carrots sticks with a side of hummus. Both perfectly healthy snacks combine to make eating vegetables more appealing.

  • 3

    Let Kids Suggest The Menu

    Allowing a child to have a say in what's on dinner menu helps children embrace what is served for dinner. Kids will be thrilled to see their suggestions put into action when its dinner time.

  • 4

    Be Enthusiastic About Healthier Eating

    In all honesty, making the right healthy choices can sometimes be boring especially for a child. Parents that show enthusiasm toward trying new things can encourage the same type of behavior in the child and make eating the right things more appealing.

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