Camden County's Police K-9 unit have added two new members and one of them is making history as the first female ever.

Officer Gabrielle Camacho and the yellow lab, Peyton, will be part of the K-9 academy's graduating class in June. Once she graduates, Gabrielle Camacho will be the first female K-9 officer in Camden County, 6abc reports.

You're probably wondering how has there not been a female officer before? If you aren't, I definitely was.

According to Camden County's Police Chief Scott Thompson, there has never been many female officers. Now, for the first time there is a significant amount.

Gabrielle Camacho also points out that it doesn't matter whether an officer is male or female, because everyone does the same exact job.

Gabrielle Camacho and Peyton will be helping to sniff out narcotics to fight the epidemic of drug use in the country.

Way to go girl! And congrats to all other graduates! Watch below from 6abc:

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