Two families join together to help reunite a lost wedding ring through the power of Facebook.

I love reading stories like this one!

6abc News reports, Katie took a "shot in the dark" after her husband, Jason, lost his wedding in the ocean in Wildwood Crest. She decided to post a picture of the wedding ring to Facebook, hoping it was shared until the ring was found.

In a weird coincidence, the family who found the ring ALSO posted to Facebook hoping to reunite the wedding ring. They asked their friends on Facebook to share the post as many times as possible until the owner was found.

Tracey Blanda's son R.H. and his cousin Patrick reportedly found the ring, and were hopeful the ring will be reunited.

After 400 shares, they found Katie and Jason!

The best part? Jason was reunited with the ring in the same spot he proposed to Katie on the beach...which is ironically where he lost it.

Really good work everyone working together!

Read the full story on 6abc News and watch below: