The Corcoran family in North Wildwood has been reunited with the American Flag stolen from their property on July 4th.

This is fantastic news! 6abc reports, the flag was returned to the family this week right to their doorstep.

Reportedly, the person who presumably took the flag dropped it off in a box on Monday afternoon. The Corcoran family's neighbor, Tom Schaffer, witnessed the woman placing it on a rocker and walking back to her car.

Schaffer called out to the woman just to talk to her, but she reportedly got into her car and drove away.

The family is overjoyed to have the flag back in their possession, especially because its considered a 'piece of the family.' According to 6abc, the flag was placed over the casket of their 19-year-old brother, Patrick Corcoran, who died in the Vietnam War in 1969.

This last piece of Patrick Corcoran's memory is back where it belongs.

For now, the investigation has been suspended.

As for the flag, it will be flown once more on Fourth of July.

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