Camden County Police are applauding Officer Clarimar Rodriguez after she takes a homeless man to get his first haircut in years.

Officer Rodriguez was doing her usual patrol rounds in Whitman Park and Parkside, when she came across a homeless man she has seen numerous times before.

After speaking with him, he revealed he hadn't had a haircut in years and was trying to get one. So what does Rodriguez do after hearing this?

She takes him over to the barber shop and paid for his haircut. Check out the pictures from Camden County's Facebook below:

Officer Rodriguez was rewarded with Officer of the Week for her good deed. Lt. Jason Pike on says: "her willingness to help this gentleman shows she has the dedication it takes to be a Camden County police officer."

Rodriguez is part of the Neighborhood Response Team and joined the department in May 2016.

I think we can all take a page from Rodriguez's book. Although we may not all be police officers, we can all do what we can to make someone else's day.

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