I'm being very brave.  Bravery for art.  I recently met a very talented artist named Heather Deegan Hires for HeatherArtz.  I was so amazed by her body-painting skills that I decided to have it done myself.  You can watch me get painted this Saturday during the SoJO 104.9 Grapes and Grain wine and craft beer tasting festival.

Will I go through with it?  I hope I don't chicken out.  Over the next few days, HeatherArtz and I will be conceptualizing my final look.  I can't wait to watch her make our ideas come to life over my very own flesh.  I'll be on display, an exhibition while you sample craft beer and wine.  Venus de Milo I'm not.  But I know the end result will be quite the work of art.



face and body-painting artist Heather Deegan Hires for HeatherArtz











Heather Deegan Hires body painter



Watch me get body painted by Heather Deegan Hires this Saturday, June 7th at Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City during our Grapes and Grain Festival.