Teens receiving treatment at Weisman Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital in Marlton now have a fun way to pass the time.

The rehab center was presented with a mobile Art Cart Wednesday on behalf of The Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation and craft chain A.C. Moore. The cart is stocked with age-appropriate arts and crafts activities to allow teenage patients an opportunity to artistically create and express themselves during their hospital stays.

Alicia’s Art Cart was created by the founders of The Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation in memory Alicia Rose DiNatale, who passed away from cancer at age 16 after a 13-month battle with cancer. Alicia had a love for arts and crafts and found comfort being able to create artwork during her hospital stays.

Photo courtesy Fazzina & Co. Communications Consulting, Inc.
Photo courtesy Fazzina & Co. Communications Consulting, Inc.

In a press release statement, Alicia's mother Gisele DiNatale said, "During our daughter’s treatments for cancer, both as an in-patient and out-patient 16-year-old, there were not a lot of more ‘grown up’ things to do to occupy her time with. Now, with activity kits and projects, the time passes more quickly, and there’s a sense of accomplishment and purpose just by being creative."

What an unbelievable way for the DiNatale to honor their daughter and show support for other kids battling an illness. We congratulate and salute The Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation, Weisman Children's Rehabilitation, and A.C. Moore.

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